Say cheeeeeeese!

Magnetic Resonance Imaging. MRI. “They are going to take photos of your brain!”, I tell her, excitedly. I’ve been trying to prepare my 17 month old for a procedure, typically suited to adults, after her brain was starved of oxygen during a life and death battle with an anonymous pathogen.

I draw her a picture of her brain and tell it to “say cheeeeeeeese!” as I take a photo. She just looks at me. I told her she is going to the hospital, she mimics and it sounds like she is saying “help a me” 🤔

I showed her a cartoon of a kid going for an MRI. She loved it. Laughed when they compared the headgear to a football helmet 🤣 I told her that a doctor was going to make her sleep so that she’d lie really still while the machine took pictures.

And I told her to drink all her milk up as there would be no more milk until after the procedure. I hope she is prepared.

I believe she suffered some trauma from her hospital stay. I also believe she saw the light and was confronted with her own mortality. Heavy issues for a 17 month old. I hope I have done enough to prepare her for the MRI.

On the plus, she is supposed to forget all of this by age 5 👌🏾 In the meanwhile her teddy, Pooh bear has become her confidante.

“Where’s your brains?”, says Pooh bear. She reaches as far as she can with her right finger (the side affected by the stroke) and bends her head to meet it half way. Sometimes, playfully, she will wriggle her nose first. “That’s your nose, silly”, Pooh would retort, and she’d smile and point to her head.


Author: Candice Nolan

Storyteller. Seeker. Podcaster.

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